Kolbe: 4-6-7-3

StrengthsFinder: Communication, Empathy, Activator, Command, Self-Assurance

Role at Ridiculously Efficient: Art Director

5 Questions With Billy

1. What's one thing most people don't know about you?

I can't cook. Sure, I can make a mean box of Kraft mac and cheese or heat up the leftover burger from my #2 combo at McDonalds, but cook some bacon or bake a cake? Sorry, I'm out. I have always been someone who loves a memorable dining experience. I love to try new foods, drinks and quite frankly, I like someone to serve me. After running around all day, sometimes the last thing I want to do is make a mess in the kitchen to wind up with some f*cking dried up chicken and hard rice.

2. What's your favorite icebreaker and why?

I'm sure I should probably be saying some cheesey game that I'd teach in a clown class to warm people up, make them vulnerable and take them out of their comfort zone, but since you asked "What's my FAVORITE icebreaker," I'm going to have to be honest. My favorite way to break the ice is to grab a drink! Release the tension of formalities and let loose a little. Now I'm not saying I like to go get hammered to make a first impression, but enjoying a cold one together is my favorite way to ease into someone.

3. What is your superhero skill?

That's an easy one. CHARM! I've got the skill to talk my way out of almost anything. My charming storytelling and smile can zap away any bad guys. Sometimes I can't believe it works but my charm works every time.


4. What's your favorite quote?

"To know me is to love me." I'm not sure where this quote comes from, but I truly believe that it pertains to me... so much so that I even have it tattooed on my ribcage. While traveling and performing I pose for at least a thousand photos every week. Not only that, but I'm the type of guy at work who is nice to everyone so everyone likes me, even if I couldn't give two shits about you. It is not until you have met ME, BILLY, in my own form, that you can say you love me. With a clown nose or red feather on my hat, I am simply playing a character so you're not really meeting ME or taking a picture with ME. It is not until you know ME that you can love me.

5. Why is rebellious productivity important to you?

I got this. I got that. I work here. I work there. I ain't got time for dicking around. I'm a rebel and I've got to keep this car in high gear. So, keep it short, sweet and lookin' on fleek. Which reminds me, I gotta go...

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