contract negotiation

As the cast of "Modern Family" unites for contract negotiation purposes, it's worth remembering that a better wage and more favorable work terms affect not only those in Hollywood, but the rest of us as well. Today's must-reads explore some of the ways to get a raise, negotiate a new contract and get out of a bad one.

  • Have you excelled in your current position and feel confident you should be earning more money? Check out these helpful tips to assist you in getting the raise you deserve. [Monster]
  • Maybe you're doing an incredible job but a raise isn't an option. There are other perks you can request that will compensate the skills you're offering to a company without breaking the bank. [AOL]
  • Are you having regrets about a contract you signed? If so, you might not be bound to it. There are some options to get out of a contract that no longer fits. [eHow]
  • It is a fact that members of unions earn more than individuals. One theory is that there is a definite strength in numbers. That's right: a team environment can triumph, and here's why. []
  • If you're on the opposite side of the employee negotiation spectrum, then you'll appreciate this. Here are some ways you can keep employees happy, thus discouraging mutiny from ever taking place. [CNBC]
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