Banner for Creative Intelligence newsletter Issue 3 featuring an illustrated portrait of Marissa, emphasizing AI collaboration for enhanced productivity.

Welcome to this week's Creative Intelligence report.

Another big one, with announcements and reveals from a number of key players.

Along with curating news, I've also been evaluating a variety of perspectives from friends, colleagues, policymakers, and experts around the world.

The information out there is so overwhelming that it's hard to make sense out of. My intent is to help you develop your unique perspective on AI and facilitate smart conversations, whether it's in our live meetups, in these newsletters, or the questions you start to have at your dinner table, or with your friends and work colleagues.

In today's newsletter, I share the AI signals I'm tracking this week, and tactical, practical steps to mitigate some of the "side effects" of partnering with AI, like increased screen time and yet another addicting technology.

🧭 Wayfinding

Here are the top headlines and themes I'm tracking right now. Consider this intel as you craft your AI strategy.

1️⃣ The future of search is conversational and AI-augmented. The way we use the Internet is changing fast.

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