In today's Pro issue, I cut to the heart of how simple prompt engineering tweaks can help make your AI-generated content different, useful, and highly relevant.

Woman in a mystical setting holding a wand, exuding a sense of empowerment and enigma.
Generated by me in Midjourney using the following prompt: 8k cinematic film promotional still, shot on ARRI ALEXA XT 50mm prime lens, raw, woman wielding thin magic wand with pointed end, ultra realistic details, hyperrealistic, impish quizzical pose in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Film, --ar 16:9

Rule #2: Remember, You're Holding the Wand.

Last week, I wrote about augmenting your edge rather than outsourcing it to AI. Do not delegate your differentiators!

For example, one of my gifts is synthesizing a ton of diverse information and distilling it into insight. When I'm in a room of brilliant people, this gift is activated immediately. But when I'm by myself, it's harder to create something new and innovative. I expend a lot of energy thinking through different perspectives and lenses to build on my original idea.

ChatGPT makes this easy with the Act As prompt starter. You set a single avatar and then issue as many commands as you want. But what if you want multiple perspectives on the same content?

The discovery I'm about to share is pure magic.

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