Many of our jobs require us to be at our desks for several hours a day. For most of us, that means we're also sitting for those same hours. Unless you have a standing or treadmill desk, sitting disease is a very real risk. Cubii wants to keep you moving. It's a tiny little elliptical that sits under your desk and allows you to get your blood flowing whenever you desire.

The compact smart elliptical boasts a quiet range of motion with 8 levels of resistance and several levels of intensity. With this little device, you can actually burn up to 150 calories an hour.

Cubii can connect directly to your Fitbit or smartphone to track your progress. You can also share the data with friends, sparking your competitive spirit and giving you a little extra incentive.

Cubii currently costs $350 per unit, but the company will offer discounts on orders of multiple units.

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