My 90-day Destroy to Create strategy will help you develop an attitude of self-improvement that makes it easy to adopt new habits.

What would happen in your life if you auto-focused on reinvention and self-improvement every quarter? You'd get better, faster, happier and fitter. Let's do this.

The Destroy to Create strategy is pretty simple: Each quarter, pick a core area of your life that you want to completely reinvent for the sake of effectiveness.

Schedule 30 minutes of focus time with yourself to complete the following steps.


Pick the area of your life that you want to reinvent. Some ideas:

  • An aspect of your routine (morning, afternoon, evening)
  • A particular habit you have (emotional, physical)
  • A workflow, process or system you use to produce results at work
  • Something you do poorly
  • Something you do really well

Decide how you want to reinvent that area. You may want to replace an undesired habit with a new one, or challenge yourself to 'better your best' habits. How will you measure progress and success?


Think about the possible barriers to building momentum on your 90-day journey. Proactively mount a defense against each of those barriers.

If your barriers are people, consider verbiage to use, or different ways to schedule your day to minimize exposure to naysayers. If your barriers are processes, think of out-of-the-box ways to get desired results. If your barrier is time, brainstorm schedule-shuffling possibilities.


The final step is to sincerely commit that you will take action and give it your best effort.

The word "pledge" in this step is purposeful. Take it seriously. If you can't keep your own promises to yourself, how can anyone else expect you to keep your promises to them? Accountability and true self-management start with being able to set targets for yourself and find ways to achieve them.

After your first 90-day cycle, it's time to rinse and repeat.

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