Fenway scoreboard

Website owners are increasingly installing badges, scoring systems and other methods of gamification to entice visitors to engage with their site, but Disney is taking this phenomenon to new heights with what's being called the Disneyland "electronic whip." This whip takes the form of several flat-screen monitors that display employees' productivity levels by name.

Disneyland Hotel laundry worker Isabel Barerra was cited in the Los Angeles Times as the worker who coined the Disneyland "electronic whip" moniker. In her department, the monitors will display an employee's name and efficiency rate as it compares to expected production. These percentages show up in green for workers who are close to 100 percent efficiency, while slower workers' scores show up in red.

Does Your Workplace Need an Electronic Whip?

There's a reason we've heard so much about gamification over the past year: for the most part, it works. One consideration, however, especially when it comes to motivating employees as opposed to site visitors, is that competition doesn't motivate all workers -- some employees may even withdraw, as was the case with Ms. Barrera. Before gamifying your workplace, ensure your company culture supports healthy competition.

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