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Are Computers Causing Nearsightedness?

Kings College London researchers believe that computers are causing nearsightedness. Here's how to fight back. [contextly_auto_sidebar id="tCKdRqHexVOXQiCG3oVNoRYZzb4wd7zq"]In Europe, about one-fourth of the population is nearsighted. But when you drill down to Europeans aged 25 to 29, the percentage of nearsightedness goes up...

Rosemina Nazarali

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Work Day? [Infographic]

Most people don't maximize on the potential of their workdays. The infographic below from Huffington Post shows us how technology can help make our days more productive. According to the infographic, the average worker spends two days a week answering emails. However, companies can easily shorten this wasted...

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