obsolete business practices

Like everything else in our world, business evolves. Why then, do certain businesses still perform obsolete business practices? Along with pointless meetings, there are a few business practices that must go.

When you are considering calling a meeting at work, think about a few things. Will pulling others from their respective tasks just to talk about an issue really boost productivity? Would it be easier to just use one of the many facets of technology to relay the information that would be shared in the meeting? If your organization is having face-to-face meetings more than once a month, you need to reassess your business practices.

Paper is out. It's that easy. I know that people who have been in the workforce for a few decades think that paper copies are a Godsend, but the truth is, they are outdated and inefficient. Back everything up to a smart device, and store them systematically, so if needed they can be accessed at a minute's notice. This will save you and your organization time and money, not to mention the benefit of going green.

Lastly, don't leave a voicemail unless you are stranded in the middle of the desert and it's your last call. Voicemails pave the way for confusion and misinterpreted messages. Utilize the technology we have at our fingertips. Send a text message detailing what you would have said in the voicemail, that way there is absolutely no chance that your message will be misinterpreted. In case someone does in fact leave you a voicemail, save yourself the hassle and use Google Voice to transfer it to text.

All of this is in the name of efficiency. If we want our productivity at the highest possible level, we must evolve and utilize the technology at our fingertips.

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