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Office ergonomics have a big impact on employee comfort, which in turn effects worker productivity. The infographic below shows just how important ergonomics are to productivity.

Bad office ergonomics comes with a long list of issues that can impact the overall health of employees. Common issues include wrong heights for table and chairs, knees banging on keyboard trays, cramped space, a lack of back and elbow support, and elbows resting on hard surfaces. A proper ergonomic office chair should offer backrests that tilt both backwards and forwards, as well as fully adjustable arm rests. The computer monitor should have adjustable brightness settings and should come with an anti-glare filter.

Many companies have found that changing their office design can give employees a significant boost in productivity. A telecommunications plant redesigned four workstations and found an increase in production with a reduction in errors. Meanwhile, a fast food provider found a 20% increase in productivity after redesigning a workstation.

Learn more about the effects of ergonomics on employee productivity in the infographic below.

ergonomics infographic
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