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We hear it everyday; exercise is a must if you want to be a productive, healthy worker. Now, according to research undertaken by the Harvard Business Review, exercising regularly can make juggling your work and personal life easier.

The biggest reason that most of us struggle to exercise regularly is the fact that we don't see the time for it in our busy days. This lack of time stems from the initial impact of not exercising. When we exercise, we reduce stress which allows us to better prioritize our tasks each day. When we prioritize correctly, it often turns out that we have more time than we realize, we are just not spending that time in the most efficient manner.

Researcher Albert Bandura states that people who exercise regularly have increased self-efficacy, a term which refers to one's ability to complete tasks in an efficient manner. People with higher self-efficacy are less likely to avoid difficult tasks or situations, thus becoming more productive and efficient workers.

In order to take your productivity and efficiency to the next level, exercise regularly. It may seem like a big time commitment at first, but eventually you will see how exercise boosts productivity in other areas of your life, and ultimately delivers more free time for the things you love.

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