to-do list

The secret to a more productive to-do list is as simple as tapping into your vocabulary. Most of us make our lists using words that only vaguely describe our tasks. Instead, try using specific actions.

Completely remove any corporate jargon from your to-do list. Avoid words like "plan," "implement" and "explore," in favor of language that is more precise. This gives us a better understanding of exactly what needs to be accomplished.

Think about what exactly the task requires. Stop to think about what verb you would usually tack on to your to-do list item and break it down into something more precise, which might even lead you to breaking it up into smaller action items. For example, instead of using the word "explore," try "research." This research could be broken down further into "look up journal articles," "interview specialist," and "meet with a coworker to discuss next steps."

The smaller the steps on your to-do list, the more likely you'll be to complete them. These actionable items will lead you to taking action and ticking off items on your list quicker than ever.

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