The Big Spaceship Open-Plan Office (

It's no secret that open floor plans are common in offices around the world. Whether you work in design, IT, or production, collaboration is essential to the success of yourself, and your organization. While open-floor spaces have a bad rep for stifling productivity, they have a few benefits -- like allowing employees to easily interact and share ideas.

As Michael Lebowitz, CEO of Big Spaceship, describes, an office should be a place for creativity and idea sharing. Along the lines of open floor plans, try to provide different mediums for employees to express themselves on. The walls of the Big Spaceship office are covered in white-board paint, which allows enthusiastic employees to take their ideas to the walls in childish fashion. On the tables where multiple employees work, there are stacks of graph and construction paper, eagerly waiting to be the medium for Big Spaceship's next blockbuster campaign.

Expecting the highest performance possible from your employees is understandable. In order to ensure that your expectations are met, provide the necessary means. You will be happy you did.

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