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Productivity is all about timing. We've talked before about power hours and learning the time of day when you are your most productive. The infographic below from Accountemps gives a bit more insight by showing when people tend to be most productive.

According to the infographic, Tuesdays are when people are most productive, followed by Mondays. Toward the end of the week, on Thursdays and Fridays, productivity levels decrease. And, the closer it gets to 5pm, the less productive employees are. In fact, many admit that they are least productive after 4pm, with mid-mornings being the most productive time.

The infographic suggests that Tuesdays between the hours of 10am and noon are the most productive for employees. So, why not test it out? Block out that time every week for difficult tasks and meaningful work to test your own productivity levels.

Learn more about productive timing in the infographic below.

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