When building a high performing team, it is not just about the people involved. It is also about the pace in which the team works and completes projects. If things are moving to slowly, they will never get off the ground. However, if things are rushed there is a high likelihood for burnout.

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Roger Hamilton, founder of Entrepreneurs Institute, says there are 5 steps to building a high performing team.

  1. WHY: Gain clarity about why the business functions the way it does. Know what the mission of the business is in order to stay focused, on track, and execute projects that are in line with the company mission.
  2. WHAT (Team Charter): Each year, hold an annual review in which the team decides what steps to take in order to accomplish the goals laid out in the yearly plan. Every three months, review those goals to ensure that everything is on track.
  3. WHO (Personal Compass): Each member of your team may work at a slightly different pace. To keep the whole team on track, each person must write his or her own quarterly goals. Review those goals every month.
  4. WHEN (Project Maps): Create a monthly project map that outlines all of your big tasks for the month. Review that weekly with key decision makers on the team, to ensure everyone is on the same page and on track.
  5. HOW (Flight Deck): Flight deck is your day-to-day tasks. At the beginning of each week, create an agenda of what your week will look like and what you need to accomplish. Each day, review this to make sure you are on track. It is helpful to track this through automated dashboards that the entire team has access to.

When you incorporate these 5 steps into your workflow, your team will be able to stay in sync and keep a natural rhythm that will optimize productivity, reduce micromanagement, allow each member of the team to work at their optimal pace, and accomplish the yearly goals.

See more of Roger Hamilton's tips in the video below.

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