ridiculously efficient magazine

I don't know about you, but when I read productivity articles online, most of the time I think, "This isn't relevant to me." I don't play for incremental improvements, for little hacks that save a few steps.

And forget most magazines. If I read one more article about GTD being "the next big thing," or a new app being hailed as a breakthrough productivity secret, I'll vomit.

During my personal development time, I want to read about productivity strategies that get big results, right now. I want case studies -- real stories from people who are transparently sharing their own efforts to become more effective.

What's more, I want to hear from people like me. People who work in key roles for entrepreneurs where the stakes are high. For us, being ridiculously efficient is a requirement, because if we aren't, we'll get fired or go insane.

I got tired of wasting time searching for this... so I created it. The Ridiculously Efficient magazine is now live on the iOS App Store and Google Play.

Check out the video below to see why I'm so excited about the Ridiculously Efficient magazine and why you'll find it valuable.

Each issue is 50+ pages of rock-solid productivity content curated by the Ridiculously Efficient community for superstars like you.

I believe subscribing to the magazine is one of the wisest, most valuable productivity investments you can make. Unlike other ways we spend and squander our money online, this investment will appreciate exponentially with each issue in the most priceless currency on the planet: time.

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