Last June, IBM began offering to employees the option to move from windows to Macs, and the shift has seen a pretty significant change. Only 5% of employees using Macs has required support from the internal help desk. Meanwhile, 40% of Windows users have made calls to the 24-hour help desk.

More and more employees are getting on board. IBM is dishing out 1,900 Macs a week.

“Every Mac that we buy is making and saving IBM money,” said Fletcher Previn, IBM’s vice president of Workplace as a Service at the JAMF User Conference. “We just need a lot fewer people to support these machines.”

Moral of the story? Remove the friction in your life by becoming a Mac user. Since buying my Macbook Pro in 2012, I have run into significantly less technical issues, and am not constantly worried about my hard drive being wiped out (this used to happen quite often when I was a Windows user).

H/T Digital Trends

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