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Who Is Creative Intelligence For?

Since 2011, Ridiculously Efficient has been a safe haven for ambitious, results-oriented achievers who always seem to find a way to get things done, no matter what's going on at home, and no matter how many responsibilities are on your plate. 

We've shared time-tested productivity tools, mental models, and practical ways to improve work-life alignment. 

As of January 2023, Ridiculously Efficient is focused on the intersection between human potential, artificial intelligence, and work-life optimization. 

Creative Intelligence is for knowledge workers – those who earn their livelihood through their capabilities, creativity, and cognitive gifts.

While everyone can benefit from this knowledge, people who work in the following fields and roles will especially benefit from Marissa's varied expertise:

  • Marketing, sales, hospitality, and business development professionals
  • Creators, creatives, freelancers and consultants, writers, and independent artists
  • Operations, project and product managers, and executive administration professionals
  • Coaches, advisors, and strategists
  • Investors who focus on the intersection between human capital and exponential technologies

What Kind of Topics Do You Cover?

The Creative Intelligence newsletter is very much inspired by the zeitgeist, Marissa Brassfield's own career experiences and perspectives, and feedback from our community.

Professional Topics:

  • How to use artificial intelligence to augment your capabilities
  • How to proactively design the future of your career and livelihood in uncertainty and exponential change
  • How to think about exponential technologies like artificial intelligence and how they may affect your work, your company, and your industry
  • How to partner with technology so that it enhances your best skills and capabilities (and actually saves you time)
  • Avoiding and minimizing digital distraction

Industry Updates:

  • Where the money's going? Who's investing in AI, how, and why it matters to knowledge workers
  • Where's the tech going? Signs and signals to look forward to as AI develops and proliferates
  • Who's building in AI? Founders and developers with strong values, ethics and integrity

Personal Intersections:

  • Keeping up with multiple projects, competing deadlines, and constant multitasking
  • Improving brainpower and focus so you can do more in less time
  • Protecting morale, motivation, and momentum at work
  • Making time for hobbies, health, and activities that counteract stress
  • Counteracting the physical effects of screen time, sitting all day, and computer work
  • Improving the quality of our most important relationships
  • Effective, efficient communication practices for work and home

What is Marissa's stance on adopting AI?

My stance on AI is evolving in real time as I learn, experiment, and iterate.

Here are my hypotheses as of January 2023:

  1. Personally and professionally, now is the time for us to strategize how (or if) we augment ourselves with AI, so that we proactively design our career and livelihood in a way that works for us.
  2. AI can revolutionize how we work. It can also be every bit as distracting and addicting as other tech tools and platforms. Using it to truly save time (as is my goal) requires intention, integrity, discernment and self-awareness.
  3. As a species, we need to relearn how to differentiate ourselves through our unique experiences (as our expertise is now totally demonetized and democratized, accessible to all for free).
  4. Partnering with AI can help us free up the time and headspace to focus our time on endeavors that truly inspire us. To do this excellently, we must double down on that which makes us unique and uniquely human.

Give me one reason to subscribe to Creative Intelligence.

Because Creative Intelligence is the only place focused on helping you use technology in a way that creates time freedom, so you can focus on the things and people important to you.

Your time is a precious resource – the only resource you can't buy more of. And right now, AI gives nearly all of us an opportunity to renegotiate your relationship with time so you can optimize your work-life integration.

We've never before seen a technology so disruptive, and with so many profound and unprecedented "side effects" for society and humanity. It's critical we understand how to use AI as a tool for humans to create even more good in the world.

To make the best decisions in a time of rapid change, you need the right mindsets and context.

That's why, unlike the gurus and opportunistic marketers selling solutions that don't actually improve your life, Creative Intelligence delivers the context you need to have smart conversations about AI with your family, colleagues, friends, and community. (Even if you're not technical!)

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