In today's world, most people can virtually work from anywhere with a computer or mobile device and internet access. We are constantly connected. Does this help or hinder productivity?

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According to a Gallup survey, 51% of employees are more productive when they're able to access work-related information through a mobile device. 62% of employees believe that accessibility to company information directly affects job satisfaction.

Having access to work related materials outside of the office may reduce stress because you never have to worry about missing that late night email or early morning meeting. Employees can engage at any time, anywhere. This gives many the freedom to work hours that are more convenient for them and not be constrained to a specific time and place.

However, there are many dangers that come with this as well. Today, we always have our cell phones within reach. It is very easy to slip into a constant state of work. You should still prepare to work as if you were preparing to step onto the field for a big game. Every athlete or top player in their industry needs downtime or burnout will kick in.

Use your cell phone to save you stress at work and enhance your engagement and productivity, but not to hinder your "off" time.

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