According to research published by the Harvard Business Review, workers are less motivated and perform worse when subjected to terms that limit their job mobility. Although this may seem like common sense, it is a factor that many of us do not consider when signing new job contracts.

By signing a non-compete clause, we essentially bound ourselves to a certain organization, which can inhibit growth and success in the field. Without the 'sky is the limit' feeling, many of us are happy to turn in mediocre quality work, which is a kick straight to the stomach of productivity.

California s currently the leader in banning non-compete clauses, and according to recent news, Massachusetts aims to be the next state to ban such clauses.

What does this mean for you? Make sure you know what you are agreeing upon when entering a new position! Clauses that promote non-competition can limit your output, and kill your overall productivity -- something that can be potentially career limiting. It is essential that we all feel that there is room to grow, and that we can reach our full potential of productivity.

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