If your office has an open floor plan, you need a quiet zone. Open-plan offices may promote collaboration and creativity, but they don't offer the tomblike silence and lack of visual distractions that many need to focus and crank work out.

That's where a quiet zone comes in. This spot exists so workers can focus, so it shouldn't be in a high-traffic area or anywhere that naturally has a lot of noise (e.g. near the front door or break room). Employees and managers alike should be free to head to the quiet zone anytime they need to throughout the day, and stay there as long as they like.

The very existence of a quiet zone sends two essential messages for productivity:

  1. There's lowercase work, and there's Work. The former allows for interruptions and collaborations, while the latter does not.
  2. Anyone in the quiet zone is getting Work done and cannot be interrupted.

Does your office have a quiet zone? If so, how has it influenced your productivity?

working in office
working in office
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