ripping off the band-aid

Some people do well with gradual changes when it comes to cranking up productivity, but when that fails, I recommend ripping off the Band-Aid to make changes all at once. Each day, we get to decide who we want to be -- how we choose to act, work and play. The day you decide you want to work effectively and efficiently more than anything else, commit to it and do it already.

This balls-to-the-wall productivity approach is tough to sustain over an extended period, but if you have the right mix of commitment, ambition and motivation, you'll look back on your previous work habits months later and wonder why you didn't rip off the Band-Aid sooner.

The key is to avoid making and accepting excuses for the behavior you want to change. Want to exercise before work? Get up and do it like your life depends on it. By committing to this new regimen, you are officially impervious to common cop-outs about the weather, your lack of quality sleep, the season, your allergies or your headache.

What habits do you want to ditch?

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