The Partnership on AI (PAI) has released the first edition of Responsible Practices for Synthetic Media, a living document meant as a "constitution" to guide creators, builders, and publishers in their use of generative artificial intelligence.

The framework is the product of a multiyear effort that encompasses PAI's own research with feedback from 100 stakeholder organizations. In 2023, 10 institutions – including OpenAI, Adobe, Bumble, CBC, Synthesia, D-ID, BBC R&D, and TikTok – will support the framework by contributing regular case studies, participating in community events, and upholding the underlying values in their businesses.

The process to create the PAI Responsible Practices for Synthetic Media

While we don't currently have best practices for responsibly using generative AI, the PAI framework is a nice place to start.

After reviewing the framework in full, I uploaded the full document to Humata to support my summarization below.

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