In today's Pro issue, I share a risky trend I'm seeing: replacing human hires or team members with AI.

Rule #4: Don't Get Greedy

Artificial intelligence will multiply human effort. But don't forget the "human" part of this equation!

I was catching up with an old work colleague who lives in a different country. We were talking about AI and the steps before an LLM like ChatGPT would be able to replace entry-level workers in some departments or industries.

During a conversation, she got a message in one of her group chats from an entrepreneur we both know.

It was the CEO of a top personal growth platform sharing to a group of peers:

"ChatGPT is big, but Midjourney will replace 20 to 60 of my designers this year."

This person is known for having a big team geographically concentrated in places with lower wages and cost of living. Some of those people will be replaced by a $30/month subscription.

How many other CEOs right now are exploring the same idea?

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