disorganized desk
disorganized desk

It's almost time for spring cleaning; accordingly, this week's must-reads center on personal organization. Whether you work from home or in an open-plan office, these articles are sure to help focus your efforts.

  • Contrary to popular belief (and my own anecdotal experience), a new study finds that messy desks may foster more organized thinking. [MSNBC]
  • This list of GTD iPhone apps helps you follow the Getting Things Done productivity system on the go. [Digital Trends]
  • Ten tips to keep your calendar lean and mean to save time while managing your schedule. [Business News Daily]
  • Tips on how to organize your home office. [Fox Atlanta]
  • Two useful hacks to organize your office, via Lifehacker: transform a knife holder into a magnetic office organizer, and turn an unused drawer into a portable one. [1, 2]
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