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We know that bad management can hinder employee morale and job performance, but new research indicates that poor leaders can even mess with their subordinates' overall well-being. A study published in the Journal of Business and Psychology asked 1,100 employees to rate statements like "my supervisor tries to motivate me by making me feel guilty for not doing enough" and "my supervisor consults with me to find out what modifications I would like to make to my work."

Their responses probably won't surprise anyone who's had a bad manager: bosses with negative or controlling management styles tended to promote a lower sense of well-being in their employees. Encouraging managers who enabled autonomy had workers whose well-being was better. Supportive company culture also positively influenced workers' well-being.

Research continues to prove that management -- and especially bad management -- plays a vital role in employee morale, productivity and retention. How is your organization helping managers become more effective?

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