I'll be the first to admit it: I'm absolutely obsessed with pre-drafting emails. I first learned this technique from Peter while we were organizing the pilot version of what would become Abundance 360. [rebel] I was waiting to hear back from a designer, and I'd followed up a couple times myself to no avail. Peter called asking about the status of the design assets, and I told him the actions I'd taken and the (lack of) results.

"Draft me an email I can send from my account," he instructed.

I did so immediately, and wouldn't you know it, I got a response from the designer less than 5 minutes after Peter hit Send on the email I drafted for him.

It was a mind-expanding experience.

"Feel free to use me as your sharp, pointy stick whenever you need something important," Peter told me.

And I took him up on it. We've since expanded the drafting process from just follow-up emails to introductions, delegations, articles and full-blown interview responses.

Here's a short walkthrough on the types of things you can (and should) pre-draft for your entrepreneur.


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