Have you read my posts on Boomerang for Gmail? If not, head here and here first, and then come back, or else the following video won't make sense. [rebel] As you Rebels know, I'm always looking for ways to work faster and easier. Here's a 3-minute video on a workflow I use with Boomerang to really supercharge the email-drafting process I have with Peter.

[contextly_auto_sidebar id="tuzrO8Bzn0NImvGnPt0sXdITcD3TL6DX"]Because I know that Boomerang will pop the email back into my inbox at whichever time I set, I can relax. I don't need to think about that particular email draft again, until I either get a reply or Boomerang puts it on the top of my inbox as a reminder. We all have so many decisions to make in a day and things to think about, so every little bit that you can minimize really adds up.

And for tips on how to structure your subject line if you do have to re-forward that draft to your entrepreneur, check out this piece. [/rebel]

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