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Max Nisen of Business Insider recently talked with some of the worlds most successful business people about how they maintain a productive lifestyle with so much on their plate at any given time. The following three productivity hacks rang true to me, and I think they can help you become a more productive person as well.

Neil Blumenthal, CEO of Warby Parker Skillful Delegation Parker says, "being productive is not about the sheer quantity of stuff you get done - its about maximizing your effectiveness." Consider the task at hand. Can someone do it better than you? Can multiple people do it just as well as you, in less time? Save your time for the things you do best. Everything else can be passed on to someone who may do it better than you in less time.

Kevin Chou, CEO of Kabam Stand-up Meetings Stand-up meetings are a great way to increase the productivity of the entire team. Kevin's team holds daily stand up meeting at 9:15am, where they discuss the day's direction and flow. These meetings are short and energetic and set the tone for the day. "The goal is to simply make sure that everyone is making the best use of their time for the next 24 hours."

T. Boone Pickens, Capital Management Chairman at BP Talk to People Sure, texting, emailing, and tweeting may be extremely convenient. But there is value in face-to-face conversations, and Pickens loves it. "Talking generates ideas, it makes companies, and individuals, grow." Talking is a great way to listen to what is on people's minds as well. This frontline connection with employees is essential for a boost in productivity.

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