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In the world of business, people aren't laughing enough. Between meetings, approaching deadlines, and noisy coworkers, it seems like laughter has all but disappeared from our lives. It's time to make a stand and bring laughter back. After all, laughter has been proven to boost happiness, creativity and productivity.

Children under the age of three laugh about 400 hundred times a day. Adults laugh about 15 times a day. What changes during this time of growth and maturation? We learn more about the world around us, but we also loose track of the things around us., and this effects our work habits. Workers today are more disengaged than ever before. This disengagement costs employers millions of dollars every year, yet we aren;t exactly sure how to combat this plaque-like effect.

Re-introducing regular laughter into our lives is a sure way to boost productivity, creativity, and happiness. Turn your everyday work experience into something that can make you laugh. Think of times when you laughed so hard your stomach hurt. Who was there? What were you doing? By remembering bits of information such as these, you can piece together an environment that fosters a good laugh and boosts your productivity.

By laughing more we can reduce the stress in our life, and become more engaged in our jobs. We can become happier, and more creative in out daily pursuits. So I want you to ask yourself; am I laughing enough? It's time we let laughter back into our lives.

Learn more about the benefits of laughter in the video below.

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