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In my path to becoming as productive as possible, I have come across many tips and strategies that promise enhanced productivity. With all of this input, I sometimes think that I am missing the point of becoming more productive, and falling into productivity sink holes. A recent article on MarketingProfs debunks five of the most common myths surrounding productivity.

Structure kills creativity. It is helpful to be creative in the workplace, but a complete lack of structure makes for an inefficient and often times lazy day. Develop a complete creative brief that will allow for creative bursts, but guide you towards task completion.

Saying yes is best. Many times we are asked by our coworkers and friends to complete a seemingly small task. After saying 'yes' to a few of these small tasks, the time allotment builds and before you know it, you are putting off your tasks to focus on others' requests. Saying 'no' is an easy way to boost your productivity. Focus on your own work, and when you encounter some spare time, consider taking on the tasks of others.

Adding resources increases output. We often believe that more resources will lead to less late nights and more project completions in a given time. This is a common misconception. More often than not, we just need to manage our resources more efficiently. Have you ever heard the saying "nine women can't make a baby in one month?" The same train of thought applies to the resource issue of productivity.

Busy is the same as productive. Just because you attended two meeting yesterday doesn't mean you were productive! There are many activities that we can perform at work that keep us busy, but don't actually amount to anything. Shy away from these sinkholes and focus on the work that truly matters.

Email is the best way to collaborate. The average worker spends 28% of their week checking their email. Our inboxes turn into these pits where ideas are lost and communication is jumbled. Avoid email unless it is absolutely necessary, and even then, designate certain times for monitoring your inbox.

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