round and about productivity infographic

Overworked employees is a real issue many companies are facing in today's society. With so many people putting all their focus on work and forgetting about everything else, they are sacrificing a work-life balance. But this balance is necessary to health, happiness and even productivity. The infographic below from Wrike takes a look at the realities of becoming overworked.

A large majority of survey respondents said they feel overworked, with more than a third admitting to overworking more than five hours. Only 42% are satisfied with their work-life balance, and 11.5% said they feel overworked quite often. Only half of team members are satisfied with their work-life balance -- this number declines for managers, freelancers and executives.

It turns out early risers are less likely to feel overworked. A majority of respondents said they feel most productive between 8am and 12pm. Only 10% of early risers said they feel overworked, compared to 26.7% of night owls.

Learn more about overworked employees and productivity in the infographic below.

round and about productivity infographic
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