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Marissa Brassfield

9 Responses to Google's Email Rules

[contextly_auto_sidebar id="qjIevT1b2TiONgze9L57hM5hnO8Wv6FA"]"How Google Works," the recently published business book by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg, shares a number of key Google practices. Chief among them, as you'd imagine, are email rules, and Time recently compiled a list of Schmidt and Rosenberg's top email tips. The kicker...

Marissa Brassfield

4 Revolutionary Company Email Policies

I'll preface this post with an acknowledgement that email is here to stay. That said, we don't have to treat our stream of outgoing messages like a firehose. The following companies have adopted compelling approaches to slow the flow of email. Consider these when crafting your company email policies. [rebel]...

The Anatomy of a Pre-Drafted Email

I'm fairly effusive and passionate about pre-drafting email. But what's the specific anatomy of a pre-drafted piece? In this article, I'll break down my thinking process, step by step. [rebel] Step 1: Why I'll kick off the email with a tweet-length contextual description of why I want my entrepreneur to...

When to Pre-Draft Emails

I'll be the first to admit it: I'm absolutely obsessed with pre-drafting emails. I first learned this technique from Peter while we were organizing the pilot version of what would become Abundance 360.  [rebel] I was waiting to hear back from a designer, and I'd followed up a couple times...

REBEL Workflow Hack: Pre-Drafting + Boomerang

Have you read my posts on Boomerang for Gmail? If not, head here and here first, and then come back, or else the following video won't make sense.  [rebel] As you Rebels know, I'm always looking for ways to work faster and easier. Here's a 3-minute video on a workflow...

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