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Plying away at your inbox often involves writing and re-writing the same email over and over again. Many will find that the requests they receive tend to be similar in nature, which also means they are often repeatedly writing the same responses. CEO of HootSuite Ryan Holmes says he has begun using canned responses to save himself a bit of extra time when replying to emails.

"I have a bunch of canned responses," he told FastCompany. "I find I get a lot of common requests around sponsorship, around speaking engagements, around business development and integrations. I have canned responses because I found I was rewriting emails."

Replying to emails can take up a third of your workday. Using canned responses can change your response time from minutes to mere seconds, opening up time for more important and pressing tasks.

It's fairly easy to add canned responses to your inbox. Below is a how-to for Gmail users.

For more ways to conquer you inbox, try using Twitter as email, clean up your inbox with Unroll.me, or make it fun with the email game.

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