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Working parents have had a long-standing misconception surrounding their productivity. However a new poll from Workplace Options shows that employees are able to maintain their productivity after having kids.

A recent poll by Workplace Options, a firm which provides employee support and work-life services, asked participants if their kids’ extracurricular activities had an effect on job performance. Only 8% said their productivity wasn’t the same since having to manage their children’s activities. Just 6% of participants said they had been reprimanded for spending too much work time on their children’s extracurricular activities.

The results also found that 66% of respondents used paid vacation time to volunteer at their child’s activities. Meanwhile, 73% said they rarely or never use work time to manage their child’s activities.

“There is a perception right now that working parents don’t work as hard as their colleagues without children,” said Dean Debnam, CEO of Workplace Options. “These poll results show that there is a big inconsistency between that perception and how working parents view themselves.”

While parents feel they are able to maintain their productivity at work, many feel they have missed out on important moments in their children’s lives. 56% said they felt guilty for not being able to attend all of their child’s extracurricular activities. And 70% said they had to miss their child’s performance or game because of a work commitment. Interestingly enough, 38% said they have a harder time managing their child’s extracurricular activities than stay-at-home parents.

“Working and raising children will never be an easy task,” Debnam said. “Employers can support working parents by offering services to help manage extracurricular activities, whether it’s locating the best local dance studios or finding discounted sports equipment. It helps reduce stress for parents and keeps them focused at work, which can temper resentment from coworkers.”

Are you a working parent? How do you stay productive while maintaining a solid home life?

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