study show the power light has on productivity
study show the power light has on productivity

We all know that light, both natural and artificial, affects our circadian rhythms and dictates our sleep patterns. But it seems that it's not just the type of light that matters, but also the color. A recent study from the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) says that the changing color of light through twilight also has an impact on us.

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The researchers conducted the study on mice, who are able to see the changes of blues and yellows at dusk and dawn the way humans can. The mice's neurons response to different degrees of color, especially to blue light. When the researchers shuffled the order of the light, the mice responded the same way they would to natural conditions.

When it comes to productivity, we already know that color makes a big difference. Past studies have shown that blue promotes productivity and serenity because of its association to water and peace. The UCSC researchers noted that mice began their nocturnal behaviour (which is productive as they work at night) when they were exposed to the blue light. This suggests that the color, whether painted on walls or exposed through light, has a pretty big impact on our behaviour.

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