color therapy

There are several factors that should be considered when designing an office, whether at home or for a company. Especially important is the colors you choose for the decor. Different colors elicit a variety of moods and emotions. Your office should be designed to boost productivity and the overall moods of employees.

Some suggest sticking to warm hues, such as coffee brown, golden olive or light peach. These can promote productivity, especially for workers who have been feeling sluggish lately. These colors serve as an energy pick-me-up and lift the moods of your employees. On the other hand, you can use cooler hues to calm a stressful environment. Pale blue, lavender, pale yellow and cool greys are best to promote a stress-free and calm environment.

Blue has been deemed as the best color for offices. It promotes productivity and serenity, while also curbing appetites. The calm feeling comes from the color's association with water and peace.

What is the color theme in your office?

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