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Reshma Chamberlin, cofounder of Summersalt, opts for yearly mantras rather than new year's resolutions. This year's mantra is "Just go for it." She creates the mantras based on areas of her life that she would like to work on, suggesting to pay attention to your own inner dialogue when creating a mantra for yourself. She thinks of these mantras in her daily decisions, allowing them to drive her toward her goals.

New Year's Mantras

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New Year's resolutions are often made out of habit -- because it's what you're supposed to do at the start of the year. But, they don't always work, and any day of the year is a good time to start working toward a goal. If you've found resolutions aren't quite your cup of tea, try Reshma Chamberlin's tactic by implementing a motivational mantra instead.

Chamberlin, the cofounder of swimwear ecommerce website Summersalt, chose "Ask and you shall receive" as her 2017 mantra -- one that helped her find her cofounder, Lori Coulter. This year, her mantra is, "Just go for it." These mantras serve as Chamerlin's "yearly guidepost to focus my energy.”

“It’s not a single objective, like go to the gym every day. Your mantra is a conscious choice to take control of your life,” Chamberlin told Fast Company.

To find your own mantra, Chamberlin suggests paying close attention to your inner dialogue and how often you say the following phrases: “If only I could do X,” or “I wish I was better at Y.” What are the common themes and what are the obstacles in your way? What is standing in your way from doing more of X and growing your skillset in Y?

When creating your own mantra, Chamberlin suggests keeping these three points in mind:

  1. Be positive. Avoid words like "no" and give your mantra a positive spin.
  2. Be deliberate. “Your mantra will dictate every decision you make. Be intentional about how you want your life to unfold.”
  3. Go easy on yourself. “Mantras are about experiencing achievement and joy every day. Design one to set yourself up for success."

Then commit. Think of your mantra every day and consider how your actions and decisions, small and big, are serving that mantra. Eventually, you'll find yourself closer to reaching your goals.

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