When the clock strikes speech-time and you're overcome by nerves, use these fast-working performance tricks to give your confidence a boost and put your nervous energy and stage fright at ease.

"Shake out" nervous tensions and energy before taking the stage.

Roll your wrists, shoulders, and neck, create fists, and curl your toes to get rid of the adrenaline pumping through your veins. This will promote blood flow to the parts of our body important for delivering an impeccable performance. If you notice that you shake while presenting, fix your breathing immediately and find a moment to naturally pause and give yourself a full breath to release maximum tension while you're on stage. If you are able to walk the stage while you're presenting, this is another easy way to keep your energy neutralized. Be careful to make sure that you don't pace back and forth.

Picture yourself in the best-case scenario as you wait backstage.

Have you ever noticed the time leading up to when you have to give your speech is often the most stressful? Don't procrastinate and cram information right before, give yourself time to relax your nerves and picture in your head a scenario where everything goes perfectly. This technique can give you an extra boost of confidence. Try it!

Remember a time when you've been proud of yourself.

Reminisce about a time when you were proud of your performance. Maybe there's a time you hit a winning home run in Little League. Or, if you’ve previously given great speeches, think back to those times. Do you find yourself smiling? Bring that confidence and charisma to your speech!

Avoid putting yourself down or telling people you're not prepared before you go on stage.

Instead of thinking “I’m going to suck” or even “I’m so nervous, I'm gonna puke,” focus on replacing those emotions with spirit-lifting, positive phrases. Instead of saying you’re nervous, say “I can do this.” If you’re doubting that you'll be able to remember everything, tell yourself “I’ve spent time rehearsing and memorizing my info and I've got this!”

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