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Rosemina Nazarali

Use Routine to Boost Productivity

Some of us reject routines. We prefer to go with the flow and see where our days take us. However, this mindset is horrible for productivity. Those who are especially efficient follow pretty strict routines that take a lot of the guess work out of their days. Routines provide structure,...

Marissa Brassfield

3 Habits of High Performers

High performers have certain habits in common. There is no reason you cannot make these habits your own, and experience the performance levels that put these people at the top of their field. Here are a few habits of high performers that are easy to implement into your own life....

Marissa Brassfield

Weekend Reading: Workplace Guest Posts 5/28 - 6/1

Each week, I contribute dozens of articles on workplace culture and office topics to a variety of Web properties. Here are some of my favorites from this week. * Study Links Suppressing Your Identity to Job Dissatisfaction and Turnover [PayScale] * What Music Should You Listen to At Work? [infographic] [PayScale] * Men...

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