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Marissa Brassfield

5 Management Strategies to Enable Efficiency

You can't force your team to become more productive, but some management strategies can enable efficiency by boosting employee morale and overall happiness. Happiness is increasingly being considered a metric for success in the business sphere, and research supports the idea that a happy worker is a more...

Marissa Brassfield

ROWE Your Way to Peak Productivity

A Results Only Work Environment -- often shortened to ROWE -- fosters productivity and boosts employee health, according to a new study. Sociology professors from the University of Minnesota studied over 600 white-collar employees and found that ROWE initiatives improve several key factors in overall health: energy levels, sleep quality,...

Marissa Brassfield

What Motivates Employees? [INFOGRAPHIC]

This Rypple infographic examines what motivates employees, from incentives to company culture and managerial techniques. I've written about employee disengagement before, but this infographic puts a price on an unmotivated workforce: $300 billion in lost productivity. Before focusing on productivity in your workgroup, it's essential to...

Marissa Brassfield

How Do You Define Productivity?

It's a simple enough question: how do you define productivity? For the Ridiculously Efficient, productivity is doing more work in less time. It's working effectively and efficiently, completing work tasks properly the first time in a time-conscious and resource-conscious fashion. To really define productivity, though, you...

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