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When it comes to productivity, there is no one-size-fits-all model (as with most other things in life). What works for me, might only hinder your efficiency, and your optimal processes might just confuse me. We all need to take the time and a little trial and error to figure out what works best for us as individuals. Carson Tate, author of Work Simply, has put together a quiz to help us figure out our personal productivity styles and what tips and tricks will work for us.

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Tate based the quiz off of her research on cognitive thinking styles, with questions that ask about how you plan for the next day, if you prefer working with others and how you fare under pressure. You'll receive the results in your inbox with an overview of what helps and hurts your productivity, as well as your communication and organizational styles.

Knowing what your strengths are and what your pet peeves are are a great way to better understand your working style. For example, the assessment aptly understood my need to fill my office with colourful supplies, and the nature in which I communicate with others (often using stories to present a point).

Take the 28-question quiz here.

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