We Rebels write volumes of email every day, and in this video I'll share how I use TextExpander to simplify outbound email.  [rebel]

When to Use TextExpander

I ask myself one question every time I send an email: am I going to have to send any part of this again in the future?

[contextly_sidebar id="XXaCeCO3cYEKu0hykDGFYkXX0IAuQ4ov"]If so, I create a TextExpander snippet. Every single time.

As you'll see in the video below, I've created snippets (the abbreviated shortcuts that, when typed, expand into a longer bit of text) for a variety of scenarios, including:

  • FAQ responses to inbound email
  • URLs, phone numbers and addresses I use frequently
  • HTML blocks for blog posts
  • Hard-to-remember information (Facebook Group URLs, Google+ URLs, shopping cart URLs)
  • Portions of emails (signatures and sign-offs)

Here's a 4.5-minute walkthrough on how I personally use TextExpander and what the window looks like:

[Download a transcript of this walkthrough here.][/rebel]

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