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Being productive is a helpful way to put some balance back in your life, so your work doesn't simply take over. However, some of us can take our productivity a little too far and forget about our work-life balance altogether. You don't have to be productive around the clock -- there are times when it's okay to take the productivity hat off and relax. Below are four scenarios when it's okay to just do nothing.

When You Feel Angry

Many of us have been under the impression that anger actually helps us focus, and in some situations it does. But in general, don't make decisions make you're angry. Wait until you cool off to gain some perspective, so you can make the best decisions for you and your business.

When You Feel Paranoid

Paranoia goes hand-in-hand with fear, but is a bit worse. Fear can be manifested into a strength that leads you in an awesome direction. Paranoia, however, will have you fleeing the scene as fast as you can. Trying to get anything done while you are picturing the future of your business in a state of remains will not get you anywhere. Take some time to yourself and try to picture things in a more realistic light. More times than not, the things you are paranoid about will never actually happen.

When You Feel Anxious

Anxiety finds us in many unpleasant situations. Upcoming deadlines, a huge project that has 'promotion' written all over it, or a make-it-or-break-it client meeting can all leave you feeling totally anxious. Instead of working through the anxiety, identify what it is that is making you feel that way. Perhaps your calendar is too disorganized or the aforementioned project needs a total overhaul. Fix the problem and you'll cure your bout of anxiety.

When You're Tired

Learn to take cues from your body. If you are feeling tired, that's because you need to rest. Your mind and body need ample time to recharge before getting to work again. Rethink those long hours and how you'd rather be spending your evenings. Learn the signs your body gives you to signal that you aren't working at your best -- having to read over the same line several times, blurry vision, an inability to focus. If you're tired, you can't possibly be very productive anyway.

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