open office

Open offices have been getting a bad reputation lately, with many feeling that they actually get in the way of productivity. Between the transparency and noise, open offices have employees yearning for a bit of privacy in their workday. However, an open office does come with a few benefits – like encouraged collaboration. So, if your business has an open-concept workspace, here are a few tips to make it work even better for employees.

Moveable Furniture

An open office is pretty much the worst if you don't have movable furniture. Rolling chairs and desks, white boards, and tablets, are a great way to promote collaboration, allowing for employees to work anywhere in the office. It provides them easy access to all the tools the may need, so they don't have to waste time worrying about it.

Collaborative Areas

Open offices should have spaces that are designated for collaboration. Whether it's a conference room or a lounge area, these spaces should be equipped with white boards, Internet access, and anything else teams will need to brainstorm.

Quiet Zones

One of the biggest complaints about open offices is the lack of privacy and too much noise. Counteract this by providing quiet zones for employees. These should be private offices that allow workers to get away from the noise and work on projects alone. This allows for the type of deep and creative thinking that is otherwise stifled in an open office.

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