Gender equality in the workplace is, unfortunately, still a major issue in today's world. A woman has a lot more to consider when navigating her career -- Does she seem to aggressive? Does she seem too passive? Is she dressed appropriately? Will having a family mean opportunities will stop coming her way? Will she ever get paid the same as her male peers?

Women are only getting paid 79 cents for every dollar a man makes – a huge 21% pay difference. And, a lot of people out there don't see the problem. A report published by Glassdoor earlier this year found that 89% of people believe in equal pay for men and women. However, that still leaves 11% who don't agree.

While some might not think that 11% is significant, it's shows just how far we still have to go. It shows, that even in 2016, misogyny is still very prevalent in the workplace.

"As a society, we will be much better off and closer to gender equality when men can be kind and supportive, women can be more directive in executing leadership, and girls around the country can visualize themselves as president," Susan Adams, professor of Management at Bentley University, told Fast Company.

Sure, we can focus on the positive things that have been done to to encourage equal pay -- the Obama Administration asked private-sector businesses to take the Equal Pay Pledge, and last year a lawsuit was filed against 10 oil companies by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

But inequality in the workplace goes far beyond pay and I encourage all employers to explore why that 11% still exists.

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