give more - get more

give more - get more

Entrepreneur and coach, Roger Hamilton says, “Your business is your time machine. Take your time and turn it into team. The more you do that, the stronger the team you get and the more of your time you get back.”

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To create a strong team and have each member perform at their highest level, Roger says that a team has to have the following 3 things:

  1. They must feel motivated even when their entrepreneur isn’t around.
  2. Every person on the team has to have the power and leverage to grow personally and professionally.
  3. Finally, there has to be a mutual trust among team members and their entrepreneur.

Ask yourself, how can I help my team, including my boss, make more? How can I serve our clients better?

When you are able to perform at your highest level, you will make your boss more money, which in turn gives you greater opportunities, and if done well, also provides your clients with an outstanding experience.

When you give more of yourself by focusing on the end goal of your entrepreneur and your team, you will always get more in the long run because a strong team with a strong company culture cannot be shaken. Together, they always find a way to succeed.

Watch episode 29 of Roger Hamilton's Entrepreneur TV below.

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