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Kelley Lujan

To Get More, Give More – Start With Your Team

Entrepreneur and coach, Roger Hamilton says, “Your business is your time machine. Take your time and turn it into team. The more you do that, the stronger the team you get and the more of your time you get back.” [contextly_sidebar id="3sS8eR4nMjpIw5ZmWqtjaXV4Kn7YT0nk"] To create a strong...

Pop Quiz: Describe Your Company’s Values

Pop Quiz: Describe your company’s values right now. Was this difficult to do? If so, there’s a good opportunity to improve your company culture. [contextly_sidebar id="m4sdDLF9BQb1ivbQKtuuiAfBFfoQkVCa"] Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, describes a brand as “what people are saying about you when...

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