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My guest posts this week included tips on manager-employee relations, project management apps and the atrocious statistics on vacation time in the U.S.

  • Changing careers is becoming as commonplace as changing clothes, so it's no wonder why 60% of the US workforce want to change careers. [PayScale]
  • It's easy to understand how a manager and an employee could become friends. Chances are, it's happened to most of us Still here are four tips you might want to check out before delving into that sticky world of friendship. [PayScale]
  • Setting people up romantically is nothing new, especially in the world of online dating. So why not set up potential business partners? FounderDating does just that. [PayScale]
  • Project management made easier with the PropsToYou App. [PayScale]
  • Many European countries see a four-week vacation period each year as standard. Here in the US, we're lucky to get two weeks. So is it surprising that we're a no-vacation nation? [PayScale]
  • It's been long believed that it's good to be busy, but what if being busy is keeping you from excelling at work? [PayScale]
  • Think of the time you could save if you could see potential hires via video before actually sitting down with them? With GetHired, that's now possible. [PayScale]
  • It turns out computer programmer productivity might just be better in pairs. [PayScale]
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