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A loud and boisterous office may be a fun environment, but everyone needs a bit of quiet time to get meaningful work done. A recent article in Fast Company outlines why it's often the quiet ones that are the most productive.

The article notes that it's hard to focus when you're the one making noise. Quietness allows you to stay focused on your goal without getting sidetracked by distractions. It also helps them and the people around them to stay calm in stressful situations, like working on a tight deadline. Instead of engaging in talk over the tight deadline, which ultimately makes the situation more stressful, they simply keep working until their tasks are complete.

People who are quiet are also those who are able to dig deep into a problem to solve it. They are focused thinkers who will solve one issue before moving on to the next. And, they'll catch things others didn't.

If you want to promote quiet productivity, try adding a Quiet Zone to your workplace. It will provide an area for deep thinking, without getting in the way of your overall company culture.

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